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Top 5 Comedy Series Ever Produced

5. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory stars four friends Leonard and Sheldon who are roommates, as well as Raj and Howard. They are scientist and they know a ton of shit about science, space and physics. However the simple things in life seems to really challenge them such as talking to girls and sports. The film is witty and challenging and its array of scientific jokes are funny as well. It is in its 9th season now and it does not seem to end any minute now. For this reason The Big Bang Theory features as one of the top 10 comedy series ever produced. IMDb rating 8.4/10.

4. The Simpsons

This animated comedy series focuses on the Simpsons Family. The Head of the family is Homer Simpson who works as an employee in a nuclear facility. He tries his best to lead his family but at times he fails miserably both as a father and a husband. Other stars of this animated film include his wife Marge, his son Bart, his daughter Lisa and baby Maggie. The Simpsons is the longest running American television series and it is currently airing on its 27th season. IMDb rating 8.8/10.

3. Arrested Development

In this comedy series the lead character Michael Bluth is forced to take responsibility of his entire family after his dad is sent to prison for white-collar crime. This is a hard task considering that he is a spoiled brat and his family members are worse of as well. He takes over the family real estate business and tries to make something out of it. Apart from managing the business, he also tries to meet the needs of his needy family who do not know how to work and get paid. This develops into a hilarious plot and viewers enjoy watching these previously rich people suffer. IMDb rating 9/10.

2. Family Guy

This film is not only sick and twisted but it is politically incorrect as well. Family Guy features the life tribulations of the Griffin family. The main character is a guy called Peter and he is married to a stay-at-home wife by the name Meg. Together they have three kids Meg, Chris and Stewie. Family guy is one of America’s favorite sitcom and it is therefore one of the top 10 comedy series ever produced. IMDb rating 8.3/10.


 1. Friends

I think we have all watched “Friends” and fell in love with it from the first episode that aired. Three men and three women live together in an apartment in New York and together they try and tackle the challenges that life throws at them.

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