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Keeping Things Sexy with Little Ones at Home

Make sure there are good locks on your bedroom door

Yes, I said locks. Plural. We switched out the master bedroom doorknob for one that locks, as well as added an interior door flip lock higher up the door. The peace of mind that comes with a back-up lock lets you immerse yourself more freely in the sexy times.
It won’t stop a kid from knocking on your door, but it will stop them from barging in. This at least gives you time to say “Just a moment” and switch gears back into parent-mode. We’ve discovered an unexpected bonus: these locks only get engaged when we’re in an amorous mood, so simply closing, then locking the door can be a turn-on.

Sex toys

Yes, we have them. Yes, we use them. Yes, even when the kids are around. (See previous tip about double locks on the door). There are some “only when the kids aren’t around” toys, but there are plenty we can use while they are home.

We have four elementary-school-aged kids at home. It may be more challenging to keep things sexy with little ones around, but it is possible.
Remember back before children, when you could exchange a look with your partner and spontaneously start making out on the couch? Or on the kitchen counter? Or join them in the shower? Having kids around the house may cramp your style a bit, but it doesn’t have to mean you’ve signed a chastity agreement for the next 15-20 years.
Here are some ways to help keep the fires burning without scarring the kids for life.

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