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Model of the month : jan 2019

: Arriana Muffins

Name: Arriana Muffins Age: 22 Location: Minnesota, Minneapolis Q. How did you get into modeling? A. I got into modeling through a friend from high school. She saw my pictures on Facebook, she liked them and decided to introduce me to her photographer Jon Souer. I then put up a model mayhem account with the photos Jon shot of me and have gotten more offers from other photographers for shoots.

Q. Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model? A. My role models changed all the time, I never really had a set role model.I didn't have much inspiration to be a model while growing up. However, as most young children I looked up to teen and child celebrities and I wanted to be them. Modeling can be very glamorous and in a sense gives me that image. Plus, it is just fun. Q. Other than looking sexy in front of the camera, what else do you enjoy doing? A. I love to shop, I enjoy watching Netflix and movies on my computer. Occasionally I will read paranormal fiction books, manga and watch anime. Dancing is a passion of mine, I love to dance. I enjoy eating pocky,preferably the chocolate kind. I like making jewelry, and clothing also a fun pastime.

Q. If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead? A. If I was not a model I would probably want to act. I love acting, and as far as I know am pretty decent at it. Q. How old were you when you found an interest in modeling and what made you want to start? A. I was probably about 15. I always have had so much fun taking selfies of myself and having my picture taken while posing by my friends, I always found it to be fun. I enjoy it a lot. I have a million random selfies on my phone and Facebook account right now. Q. Where is your favorite place to shop? A. I love to shop everywhere. You never know when you will find something good and where. I am not particularly fond of thrift shops however, but don't let that stop you. Like I said you never know what you will find. That alone makes me go into stores I would usually avoid.

Q. What is your favorite beauty product? A. My favorite beauty product is a facial peeling mask called Gold Elements. It leaves your skin very soft and smooth, with a gentle glow. Q. What advice would you give to a young girl who wants to pursue a modeling career? A. I would tell a young girl to never do anything you're not comfortable with, never let anyone talk you into it. Do what makes you feel good and you feel works for you. Also, be bold. Don't censor yourself because others don't agree with your style. Model what makes you happy.

Q. Where was your favorite shoot so far? A. My favorite shoot was in new Hope Minnesota, in John Souer's studio which you can see here at, We were working with rainbow colored pieces of fabric. The pictures will be up soon. Q. What you like to accomplish as a model? A. My goal as a model is to get into perfectly petite magazine. I hope to accomplish new styles of modeling, bringing the audience new and fresh material. I strive to be personable with my fans and be their friend. Nothing is better then when your idol notices you and considers you a friend.

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