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Name: Paige Defiled
Age: 24
Location: Berkshire, UK
Q. How did you get into modeling? 
A. Around a year ago i was having a whole bunch of self image issues, i gave it a go just to boost my confidence with my body a little. I enjoyed it so much i kept doing them, it's a perfect way of feeling good about yourself. Getting the photos back is perfect, i always get dead excited still :P 
Q. Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model?
A.  I'll be 100% honest, i always loved Geri Halliwell haha! She was gorgeous with bright orange hair and huge curves, fantastic bust, awesome attitude especially with her role as 'Ginge' in The Spice Girls. It was actually a shame to see her lose those luscious curves after taking up so much yoga! She's now around a size 4 i think. I've always been inspired by Amy Winehouse too, minus the 'getting off my tits' part haha. Her music has always inspired me to want to stand out a little, i think my friends will agree that i do a bit :)
Q. Other than looking sexy in front of the camera, what else do you enjoy doing?
A.  I really enjoy music media! Literally me and a friend of mine from 'Quite Simple Recording' head over to local venues and rehearsal studios to interview bands and artists, great fun! I also have recently taken up drumming, I'm not very good yet, but i'm going to continue with that over the summer :)
Q. If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead? 
A. Well, when i left school, i spent 3 years studying as a motor vehicle mechanic believe it or not LOL!! So i probably would have ended u doing that oddly, but i also really enjoyed media and journalism, so that could well be something I'll pursue a lot more this year.
Q. How old were you when you found an interest in modeling and what made you want to start? A. As i said, i only really started shooting a year ago, i am a baby to the model industry... Got lots to learn i guess ;')
Q. Where is your favorite place to shop? 
A. EBAY HAHA! Cannot go wrong with an online bargain. When it comes to the high street you would probably find me in places such as H&M, Superdrug and Topshop. 
Q. What is your favorite beauty product? 
A. Probably Concealer hahaha!!! I think most females will agree that it is an absolute life saver. Although, i don't use it as often as i used to. I also ADORE cocoa butter, it's lush to cover yourself in after a hot shower.
Q. Where was your favorite shoot so far?
A.  Erm, to date? Unsure.. I generally have a whole bunch of fun on most of my shoots. If i was going to name drop a couple of photographers who gave me back some really awesome images, I'd say go check out the likes of '13th Life Photography' and 'SIS Photography'. They are both very good and i can't fault their work. 
Q. What you like to accomplish as a model?
A.  I'm mainly focusing on alternative glamour sets at the moment, so i guess i want to eventually be confident and good enough as a model for some publishing with alt magazines. It would be lovely :)
Q. What advice would you give to a young girl who wants to pursue a modeling career?
A. Get LOADS of practice in with local photographers, sign up to websites such as 'Purple Port' or 'Model Mayhem' to build contacts and so that other people can find you to work with you. Good way of building a portfolio and meeting new people. Also don't let any criticism get to you, i was subjected to heaps of 'fat hate' when i first moved to Berkshire from West London. Even other models called me fat, i almost didn't bother going back to it. But people soon realize how ridiculous they sound, your confidence goes up and you feel more determined. I would say stick with it, shoot loads, check out other local talent, make friends and have fun :) 

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