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Why Sara Ali Khan, raised by a single mother, is not your usual star kid

Sara Ali Khan may be the daughter of Bollywood's 'nawab' Saif Ali Khan, but after her powerful debut in Kedarnath, the star kid stands separate from her identity as just another member of the Pataudi clan.

She is the perfect PR dream, but still different from the band of new actors we see launched every year in the Hindi film industry. Sara was brought up by a single mother, in a home wrecked by a nasty break-up. Her mother Amrita Singh and father Saif Ali Khan's infamous divorce and Saif's breakdown after the marriage ended is still etched in the minds of people who followed their tumultuous relationship. While rumours suggest that Saif and Amrita's relationship was never cordial after the divorce, her father was still part of Sara's journey.
But growing up with a single mother, I know that a vacuum created by the absence of a father is never filled. It may have been different from what Saif and Sara experienced, but Sara's journey of going from a chubby child making awkward videos on a handycam to landing on the silver screen with a bang, is a journey of success that only the vigour and determination of a strong-minded woman can help you achieve. And Amrita Singh's strong opinions and her ability to make her mark in a sexist industry is not news.
Sara Ali Khan brings more of her mother, Amrita Singh, on the screen, and with it her old-world glamour too
Sara, too, like her mother (a perfect reflection of her at that) is a portrayal of that similar identity. She does not pose; she brings a different kind of freshness to the screen and shows that her individuality is poles apart from her surname.
From her debut on the Koffee With Karan couch to her promotional interviews for Kedarnath and Simmba, Sara has been winning hearts all over the internet. She laughs unabashedly, talks freely (without sugarcoating it) about her mother's controversial divorce and shows her goofy side - miles away from the 'how to be docile playbook' that every actress is given before their launch in Bollywood. She is THE new heroine that 2018 was waiting for.
Sara is miles away from the 'how to be docile playbook' that every actress is given before their launch
Sara's display of fair maturity on and off screen shows that though she is part of an industry that shows far-from-reality stories on celluloid, there's more of Sara we are going to see and that too for a long time. Hopefully in good films, with good scripts.
More importantly, her ability to understand the importance of education also speaks a lot about her.
Being the daughter of a single mother, education was always a primary aspect in my life. I grew up with the notion that your education can help you achieve anything, and that's what Sara brings with her. That certain charm that helps you relate with her personal journey and root for her.
In a country where cinema is stronger than the most potent drug around, we have seen star kids appearing and disappearing faster than the blink of an eye. Every Friday, new faces are launched. How many of them stay? What Sara Ali Khan brings with her is that knowledge. The knowledge of her privilege and the silver spoon that she was born with. But she also knows that on screen, there is no Ali Khan behind her.
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