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Naagin (shape moving female snake) is an account of adoration and vengeance. Naagin dives into the life of Ritik. Shivanya is stuck between two extraordinary feelings - love and retaliation. Shivanya's companion, Sesha is her emotionally supportive network, however she has a ulterior thought process that nobody thinks about. The steady clash among adoration and vengeance drive these heroes together as their lives conflict in a meeting up of their previous accounts.

Season 1  
Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are female shape-moving snakes, or Ichchhadhari Naagins, who need to retaliate for Shivanya's folks' passing. There were five killers, however Shivanya had the capacity to see just three of them: Ankush, Viren and Shailesh. They slaughtered Shivanya's folks in a fizzled endeavor to achieve a valuable pearl with mysterious forces called the Naagmani.

As a feature of her retribution, Shivanya goes into Ankush's home as a lady. Ankush's child Ritik, a sort hearted and cheerful young fellow, along these lines experiences passionate feelings for Shivanya. After getting some answers concerning Ritik's affections for her, Shivanya weds him for retribution. Afterward, she executes Viren (the primary killer) and Shailesh (the third killer); Shivanya and Shesha additionally slaughter Ankush's companion Suri, when Shivanya gains from Shesha that Suri is the fourth killer.

Shivanya before long understands that Ritik is extremely a decent individual, and that he is unconscious of his dad's malevolent doings. Shivanya inevitably begins to look all starry eyed at him, a lot to the failure of Shesha, who conceives that Shivanya won't almost certainly murder Ankush on account of her adoration for his child, Ritik. 

Afterward, it is uncovered that Ankush's better half, Yamini, is the fifth killer, and that Ritik is her congenial nephew. Yamini and Ankush had grabbed Ritik's genuine dad Sangram Singh, as just Ritik and his dad could contact the Naagmani in light of a sign on their bodies.
 Shesha starts succumbing to Ritik due to his adoring and minding nature; in any case, she doesn't give her sentiments a chance to influence her activities. After finding out about Shesha's affections for Ritik, Yamini, who discovered that Shivanya and Shesha are shape-moving snakes, traps Shesha into selling out Shivanya. This causes Shesha to end up Shivanya's adversary, because of Shesha's fixation for Ritik and the Naagmani. Shivanya figures out how to murder Ankush; be that as it may, Ritik witnesses this, discovers Shivanya is a snake, and starts all the while cherishing and despising her.

Ritik before long learns reality about Yamini being abhorrent, and joins with Shivanya to ensure the Naagmani. Shivanya and Ritik perfect their marriage, prompting Shivanya losing her forces. In any case, she and Ritik prevail with regards to sparing the Naagmani and executing Yamini, while Shesha is imprisoned by the Mahishmatis named Avantika and Vikram. This season closes with Shivanya winds up pregnant.

Season 2

Three months after the occasions of the main season, Shivanya brings forth a solid child young lady, Shivangi, in spite of being a half year early.

after 25 years

A bereft Shivanya doesn't need Shivangi to end up an Icchadhari Naagin to secure the Naagmani. A holy person reveals to Shivanya this can be maintained a strategic distance from by getting Shivangi wedded before she turns 25. Rough, the fiancè of Shesha and the embraced nephew of Yamini, experiences passionate feelings for Shivangi. Ignorant of Rocky's connection to Yamini, Shivanya orchestrates him to wed Shivangi.

Upon the arrival of the wedding, Shesha, Yamini, Avantika, Kapalika, Vikram, Amar, Manav and Nidhi executes the wedding visitors (counting Shivangi's family) and lethally cuts Shivanya. Yamini illuminates Rocky about the passings, accusing them for dacoits. Rough feels crushed.

The holy person advises Shivangi, who got away from Yamini's pack, about Shivanya's life, and discloses to her that no one but she can contact the Naagmani. She sees the essences of the killers, including somebody she accepts to be Rocky. Shivangi endeavors to end it all; be that as it may, she endures and turns into a Naagin. She pledges to ensure the Naagmani and retaliate for her mom.
  Following a couple of days, it's Rocky and Shesha's big day. Shivangi goes to Rocky's home for vengeance. Everybody is stunned to see her alive; in any case, Yamini and Shesha acknowledge her, due to Shivangi being the special case who could contact the Naagmani, and Yamini has Shivangi wed Rocky.

Upon the arrival of Karwa Chauth, Nidhi, the eighth killer of Shivanya assaults Shivangi. Rough spares Shivangi, influencing her to understand that Rocky is honest. Afterward, Shivangi slaughters whatever remains of Shivanya's killers.

Shesha and Yamini discover that Shivangi is a Naagin, and that she slaughtered the majority of Shivanya's killers. Shivangi transforms Shesha into a statue and slaughters Yamini. Shivangi finds that Yamini, Mahendra (Rocky's dad), and Rocky's companion Tanya's family included Manjusha (Tanya's mom) and Ranveer (Tanya's dad) murdered Ritik; also, they need the Naagmani. Rough transforms into an Icchadhari Naag (a male form of what Shivangi is) on his 27th birthday celebration. Rough aides Shivangi in slaughtering every one of the killers of Ritik. Afterward, Rocky mysteriously wounds Shivangi.

All of a sudden, Ritik (Shivangi's dad) who is presently uncovered to be alive is the person who sayed to Rocky that he made the best decision that he complied with his requests and murdered Shivangi. Shivangi needed to kick the bucket. This season closes with this.

Season 3

Shivangi passes on without becoming more acquainted with why her dad and spouse sold out her by plotting her homicide. Be that as it may, she pledges to return for her retribution.

Somewhere else in an old Haveli, Ruhi – another Naagin, having picked up the capacity to shape-move following hundred years of compensation, hits the dance floor with her sweetheart Vikrant under the twilight in the delight of their eagerly awaited association. Be that as it may, business mogul Andy Sehgal's ruined children Yuvi and Adi alongside Yuvi's companions Rehan, Daksh, RJ (Yuvi's brother by marriage) and Karan (Yuvi's family administrator) touch base there alcoholic and get into mischief with Ruhi and endeavor to assault her, while Vikrant takes his Naag symbol to drive them away, however a fomented Adi shoots Vikrant who as far as anyone knows kicks the bucket.

Ruhi promises to retaliate for her sweetheart's passing from the 6 killers (Yuvi, Adi, Karan, Daksh, Rehan and RJ) alongside the tag-alongs-Pratham, Bultu, Anu and Mahir. With Shivji's gifts, Ruhi plays out a custom and sheds off her skin to obtain another character, Bela, to appear her vengeance. What pursues is Bela's journey to vindicate her strike and step by step becoming acquainted with the genuine appearances and goals of individuals around her as she herself turns into the Queen of her family and discovers intimate romance in Mahir. Bela's dear companion, Vishaka (a red shape-moving snake lady) encourages her to vindicate her hundred years of age sweetheart Vikrant's passing. Vishaka enters the Sehgal family as a rich representative. She executes Yuvraj otherwise known as Yuvi and Karan who slips into trance like state and bites the dust in the medical clinic. Bela and Vishaka at that point, murders Rehan together. Bela was hitched to Mahir with whom she begins to look all starry eyed. Be that as it may, notwithstanding having experienced passionate feelings for him, she attempts to repel herself from him and endeavors to slaughter him however bombs over and over. Bela is detested by Mahir's more youthful sister Kuhu and Kuhu's closest companion, Anu who conceives that something wasn't right with her. Afterward, when Bela and Mahir and their family goes out and goes through their evenings in a lodging, Anu (Rehan's more youthful sister and Kuhu's closest companion) becomes hopelessly enamored with a very gifted snake charmer, Shaan, who is, at first, accepted to be a representative however who later ends up being a snake charmer who needs to wed Bela. Bela defies "Stree" amid this time who had landed there to kill Daksh however who later leaves after Bela's recommendation. Daksh is slaughtered by Bela. Amid this time, Bela is kissed by Mahir. Shaan, whose genuine name comes to be Shahnawaz, attempts to have Bela yet is later executed by her. Vikrant later returns as Yuvi who was idea to have gotten away from getting hitched to Bela.

Bela now, comes to realize that Vikrant needs her to slaughter a guiltless and that is the reason he had been acting like he was dead however he was concealing some place. Bella, till now, was reasoning that Mahir was the one to shot Vikraant. Bela reveals to Vikrant that she doesn't love him any longer and that her actual darling was Mahir. Bela gets Vikrant and Vishaka wedded and returns back to her sweetheart, Mahir. Afterward, Bela comes to realize that vultures (girdhs) have assaulted the snakes and that she should spare her kin of Naagloks. The girdhs, at first, appeared to be incredible. Bela figured out how to murder a considerable lot of the girdhs with the assistance of Vikraant and Vishaka. Her sister, Juhi, whom she had idea to have lost before she turned into a Naag Rani, returned and said that the girdhs had caught her for every one of these months. Afterward, it was uncovered that Vyom, the head of girdhs, had mentally conditioned Juhi and that Juhi had begun to look all starry eyed at him. Vyom takes the Naagmani with the assistance of Juhi. He, in the wake of having the Naagmani, asks his girdh companions to murder Juhi however Bela acts the hero her sister. She vanquishes Vyom, the leader of the girdhs by murdering him and takes Naagmani back.

Mahir comes to realize that Bela was behind the vanishing of huge numbers of his companions. He at that point comes to realize that his sibling, Yuvraj, had passed on and Bela knew every little thing about it yet concealed it from him. Mahir begins abhorring Bela yet Bela attempts her best to win his heart once more. At the point when Mahir was assaulted by a purple snake, Bela spared his life. Mahir sees the snake type of Bela and discloses to her that he despises her since she had deceived him not on the grounds that she was a naagin (female snake). Afterward, Mahir loses his memory due to Vikrant's mom Sumitra (the purple shape-moving snake) who had executed Mahir and Kuhu's genuine mother and brought forth Yuvraj who was half snake and half human and who returns back to Bela. Sumitra needs Naagmani and asks Bela to reveal to her where she has shrouded the Naagmani however Bela can't. With the assistance of her children, Vikraant and Yuvraj and little girl in-law Vishaka, she figures out how to refute Bela before Mahir who has now lost his memory and remembers nothing about his life except for the mishap in which he had lost his memory. Bela attempts to help him to remember his past in which s

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