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Shadowgun Legends©

There was a time when Android games were far behind iOS--the graphics were subpar, details or capabilities were lower and the experience just wasn't exciting. Those days are long gone now, Android has come a long way and thanks to the lowering gap between software and hardware, Android now gets some of the best games in town.

In fact, the trend has picked up so much, smartphone makers have now started designing special "Gaming Phones" that incorporate better cooling mechanisms, over-clocked CPUs and high screen refresh rate.

There are a whole ton of free games on the Play Store waiting for your attention, and it can be hard to pick out the best ones at a glance. Here's a list of the most popular games on Android that everyone is playing right now!

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends© Madfinger Games

There are many out there who do not prefer the Battle Royale format, for them Madfinger Games has Shadowgun Legends. The player is an intergalactic mercenary or 'Shadowgun' who fights alien forces and mercenaries for money and loot.

The game has a huge selection of weapons, armour, and skins for your Shadowgun. The story campaign is thrilling and the game also supports co-op missions wherein up to three of your friends can make a squad. There is also a real-time team vs team battle.

Although in-app purchases exist, they are mainly for cosmetic additions to the Shadowgun that don't give players a competitive advantage.