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 The first time she was allowed out was for a party in Mittal's mansion where she met Malay for the first time, properly and he instantly smitten by her beauty and delicate grace despite her mysterious aura. Due to some series of event, Aparajita beguns to question her true identity. She demanded answers from her mother about the unexplained facts such as her skin turning into bright blue whenever she felt conflict. Kalpana revealed that she is indeed a descendant of Vishkanya. For generations, daughters in her family were used as a weapon to destroy kingdoms and cities. Kalpana urges her to kill each and every member of Mittal's family especially Malay to hurt his mother. Years ago Malay's father married Kalpana despite having another wife, Malay's mother. Enraged, Malay's mother gun-hired a man to kill Kalpana but he mistakenly harms Kalpana's sister and Aparajita's mother causing Malay's father and Aparajita's mother to be paralyzed.

Kalpana swore revenge on Nandhita Mittal by planning to make Malay fall in love with Aparajita and then dispose him later. Aparajita was disturbed by the fact but she could not find in her heart to do as her mother asked and distanced herself from Malay but he relentlessly kept chasing her without knowing the reason. Against all the odds, they both fell for each other but Malay's mother had plotted many evil schemes to separate them.

In the end, Malay reluctantly marries Vardaan due to some misunderstanding caused by his mother and under the influence of the rest of his family. In the sequences of the story, Malay had a change of heart and begins to love Vardaan much to Aparajita's dismay as he instantly breaks up with her after that. By some tricks she had up her sleeves and with Kalpana's aid, Aparajita managed to marry Malay but at this point he does not loves her anymore and still remains unaware of her supernatural identity. Vardaan divorces Malay under the influence of Apu and Malay is then forced to marry Apu but Vardaan saves Apu's life and Apu let's Vardaan and Malay to be together.

Apu tells her about her supernatural identity. Just before Malay and Vardaan's wedding, Kasturi (Assistant of Black Shadow, the head of all evil) come to kill Apu but Vardaan comes in the way and then Apu kills Kasturi. Vardaan makes Apu promise to take care of Malay after her and she passes out.

The show takes a 3-month leap and introduce Mandira, Nandita Mittal's sister who is killed by the Black Shadow.

The Black Shadow takes Mandira's form and comes to Mittal Mansion where she kills Chiki, Avi Mittal's fiancee. Black Shadow (She is made up of smoke) calls her another assistant, Yakshini who is made up of lust. Yakshini comes to Mittal Mansion as Laila which is soon to marry Avi. Apu find them suspicious and she manages to burn Yakshini's house i.e. tree. (It is believed that a Yakshini's powers are in it house) and then Black Shadow kidnaps Kalpana and orders Apu to get intimate with Malay as Apu's offspring will free the Black Shadow from old-age curse and will give it powers. Malay heard them talking and Malay and Apu pretend that they got intimate and fake Malay's death (as getting intimate with a Vishkanya results in death). Apu tells Black Shadow to let her meet her aunt and she agreed.

There, Apu kills Black Shadow and she decides to go to Himalayas and spend her life there. Malay realises his love for Apu and stops her. Then Baba (Priest) comes with a rabbit and orders Apu to kill it. Apu scratches it but nothing happens, then Baba tells her that Goddess has taken her venom out of her body in return to Black Shadow's death and now she can live in peace. Apu and Malay get married and they live together, happily.

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