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Action and adventure games ‘Oceanhorn’


This is a finished manual for the majority of the diversion's accomplishments. It's for the most part composed from memory after I finished the majority of the accomplishments myself, which implies there may be some minor mistakes or problematic techniques. In the event that you are aware of a superior method to finish an accomplishment, it would be ideal if you leave a remark and I'll consider highlighting it in the guide.

There are no missable accomplishments; they would all be able to be finished in the wake of completing the story.


The accompanying accomplishments are altogether earned by basically playing through the primary story.

Not Far from Tree

Get father's sword and shield


Thrashing the Cepedes of Abandoned Mines

Making Friends

Discharge the Direfolk's detainee

Legendary Gardener

Lift the revile from the Forest Shrine

Town Sheriff

Ensure the Peace in Tikarel

Nectar Man

Discover the end result for Honey Man

Frutti di Terra

Ship a thing to another island

Champion from Below

Clear the passage to Grand Core


Amid the diversion you'll gather involvement from foes and difficulties. The most extreme dimension is 16, for which you'll require 10,000 XP. Except if you've skirted a substantial part of the foes amid your playthrough, you should achieve level 16 as you play out every one of the difficulties.


Achieve 'Voyager' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Wayfarer' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Pioneer' Adventurer Level

New kid on the block Adventurer

Achieve 'New kid on the block Adventurer' Level


Come to the 'Traveler' Level


Achieve 'Pathfinder' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Spellbinder' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Wayfarer' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Voyager' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Vanguard' Adventurer Level


Achieve 'Centurion' Adventurer Level

Knight of Arcadia

Achieve 'Knight of Arcadia' Level


Achieve 'Ace' Adventurer Level


Reach 'Archmage' Adventurer Level


Achieve the most astounding Adventurer Level


This area contains most of the accomplishments and are straightforwardly connected to in-diversion challenges. Every island contains three difficulties, despite the fact that the difficulties may in certainty be finished on any island, not simply the one where it is displayed.

Pocket Money

Gather your initial 25 coins

Coins are infrequently dropped when executing foes, crushing containers or chopping down tall grass. Make a point to lift them up.

Keen Guy

Peruse somewhere around 10 signs

There are heaps of signs in the early pieces of the diversion. Except if you effectively disregard them, this should come consequently quite from the get-go.

Flame Walk with Me

Soften objects multiple times utilizing Fire Spell

You'll in all probability get this in the château on Gillfolk's Drop easily. If not, return there and dissolve a portion of the icicles.


Swim 500 meters

The best spot for this would be inside the cavern on Gillfolk's Drop, while in transit to their château. The water there doesn't deplete your stamina.

First Piece

Locate your first Piece of Heart

When you get the Master Key on Hermit's Island, go into the Hermit's home and open the chest.

Corroded's Treasure

Utilize your minds to uncover the shrouded fortune

Corroded is the statue on Bomb Island. Push it to uncover the fortune.

Intense as a Boot

Break a carton with Trencher Boots

The Trencher Boots make you roll when you're not remaining by a crossable edge, Simply fold into a broke wooden container to break it. These cases are discovered everywhere, except Riptide Reef is the most clear spot to discover them. (See "Blockbuster")

Dark red Collector

Gather Bloodstones from everywhere throughout the world

There are 55 Bloodstones around the globe, requiring different gear to be come to. When discovered, utilize your sword to break it. See the Oceanhorn wiki[] for a full rundown.

Down for Swimming

Suffocate a foe by getting it into the water

On Island of Whispers, there's a spiked ball on the shore beside your watercraft. Utilize your shield to drive it down into the water to open this accomplishment. (On account of MountieXXL)


Visit all islands of Uncharted Seas

The greater part of the islands are story related and you should visit them all to complete whatever remains of the accomplishments. To open the islands, make a point to associate with individuals and items you find amid your experiences. The absolute most effortless to miss are found through messages in containers found on shores, through the telescopes on Sky Island and from the book that the Scholar in Tikarel discusses.

Reference book Monstrum

Thrashing each sort of beast in the diversion

Everything except one beast is practically ensured to have been executed at any rate once all through the amusement. That one special case is the spiked ball that lies around and does nothing. Toss a bomb at it and it'll detonate, giving you the murder. There's one on the shore by the watercraft while landing on Island of Whispers. (See "Down for Swimming")


Execute 50 Spawn

Generate are the mechanical, four-legged adversaries that are first experienced before leaving Hermit's Island. These executes can be cultivated on Arcadian Ruins or amid the manager fight there.


Demolish 100 wooden cartons

On Riptide Reef there are six wooden containers in a resettable riddle (the one with the statues). Bomb them, reset and rehash until the accomplishment opens.


Gather 8 heart holders

To get eight heart holders you'll have to gather four hearts, which happens to be of the considerable number of hearts on the first islands (for example barring Island of Whispers). For a rundown of these, see the Oceanhorn wiki[]. There are likewise four additional heart pieces to be found on Island of Whispers, however these are not required.


Slaughter a foe with a laser bar

When you get the Shield of Chronos you can reflect laser bars from the stationary laser turret traps. There's one on Sky Island where there's normally a feathered creature around. Draw the winged animal into position, sit tight for the laser trap to spot you and afterward obstruct with the shield to redirect the bar onto the flying creature.


Concentrate the Arcadian History

While touching base on Sky Island you'll in the end converse with Grandmaster Ludwig. From that point forward, converse with the researchers and read the books inside Ludwig's home.

Cap Trick

Execute three foes with a solitary sword blow

The Cepedes is the perfect adversary for this, as they are actually three foes assembled together. Cepedes can be found in a few spots, however the most open one I've found is the one toward the start of Graveyard Island (southwest of the vessel). To assault numerous foes on the double you need to utilize the expertise assault. (See "Mystery Sword Art")

Train Wreck

Slaughter an adversary by pushing a case

This is effectively done on Southwind Isle amid the riddle in the room where you help the person with the nectar. There's a creepy crawly behind one of the squares. Simply push it a couple of ventures forward and the insect will bite the dust.

As yet Going

Crush 50 skeletons to pieces

Skeletons can be found in loads of spots. I would suggest Graveyard Island.


Bob a foe with a shield multiple times

Make 10 coordinated squares, for example raise your shield just before being hit. (Because of Rmxa)

This should be possible effectively by cornering the skeleton toward the beginning of Riptide Reef.

Artistic Killer

Execute an adversary with a container

This one should be possible on Hermit's Island, upper east of the Hermit's home. Basically toss the two containers on the creepy crawly.

Mystery Sword Art

Attempt the aptitude assault out of the blue

The aptitude assault is performed by holding down the assault catch for some time and after that discharging it.

Aircraft Archeologist

Use bombs to break dividers multiple times

This will come consequently as there are a lot of dividers to break all through the story and keeping in mind that assembling the different collectibles.

Diligent employee

Move cartons and different items multiple times

This will most likely open naturally however ordinary ongoing interaction. On the off chance that not, at that point the riddle on Southwind Isle (where you get the nectar) is one conceivable area for cultivating it.

Hello, Big Spender!

Burn through 2 000 coins in the shop

This is collective all through the diversion, so you don't need to burn through 2,000 mint pieces on the double. The heart costs 1,000 and the collectibles radar costs 500, abandoning you 500 to spend on provisions. I wound up having a large number of additional gold toward the end, so this shouldn't be an issue.


Employ the intensity of each of the 5 spells

The five spells are Force, Fire, Ice, Cure and Triloth. The Force and Fire spells are opened through story movement. The Ice spell is found in Old Fortress, the Care spell is found on Graveyard Island and the Triloth spell is remunerated by the Gillfolk on Tikarel for gathering 40 Bloodstones.

Old Enemy

Resign 100 Direfolk

Direfolk are the little somewhat blue trolls/trolls found principally in Withered Lands and Old Fortress.

Quick Blade

Perform 10 fruitful combo assaults

I don't know what's required for this one, however I accept it to be 10 sequential hits. On the off chance that anybody has a reasonable clarification for it, it would be ideal if you leave a remark.

Sticky Finger

Gather 1000 coins

See "Pocket Money".

Shish Kebab

Murder an adversary with a consuming bolt

Shoot a bolt through an open fire to set it ablaze. This should be possible in the primary space to one side in Old Fortress. Have the Direfolk from the past room tail you and shoot him through the open flares.


These accomplishments are altogether earned through angling. Angling is a side action that is opened after getting the angling pole bar. The angling pole bar is given as a blessing to the player by a resident of Tikarel through ordinary story movement ().

Catch Sol Fish

Catch your first Sol Fish

A typical fish. It very well may be gotten anyplace. I got my initial one in Tikarel.

Catch Blue Fin

Catch your first Blue Fin

A typical fish. It very well may be gotten in a few spots. I got parts on Sandbar.

Catch Fireback

Catch your first Fireback

This is by all accounts the most uncommon fish. It can evidently be gotten anyplace, however I captured mine on Sandbar. It bounces discernibly more than any

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