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Get $19000 to stay in bed for 2 months Only!! OmG

Love to relax in bed and get paid for it? On the off chance that you are German talking, sound and moderately aged, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are prepared to pay you $19,000 to lie in bed for two months.

The space offices need Earth—bound volunteers to test how fake gravity may help keep space explorers solid in space, the CNET provided details regarding Friday.

The delayed bed rest is a piece of the "Counterfeit Gravity Bed Rest" ponder that propelled for this present week into the impacts of weightlessness on the human body.

The Phase—II, to be directed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) from September through December in Cologne, Germany, requires solid just as German talking 12 men and 12 ladies matured somewhere in the range of 24 and 55 years.

"We are keen on the most proficient method to keep up the wellbeing and execution of man — in space and on Earth," as indicated by an announcement deciphered from the DLR site for the venture.

On the off chance that space explorers are to live for extensive stretches in space, or on the moon and Mars, science needs successful measures to check bone and muscle decay.

The 24 people will go through their days and evenings in beds calculated descending by six degrees, propped up with their feet at a slope over their heads, with one shoulder contacting the sleeping cushion consistently, the report said.

This position lessens blood stream to the furthest points, similar to space explorers in space understanding.

While space travelers at present adhere to an exceptional exercise routine to remain solid, the bed rest study will out of the blue explore the utilization of a so—called short—arm human rotator to create fake gravity and power blood back in the furthest points, CNET noted.

One gathering of study volunteers will be spun around in the rotator while the other gathering would not. The diffusive power can be balanced by the subject's size.

Notwithstanding the 60 days required for bed rest, members will remain an extra 29 days for acclimation and regulated recuperation including extending, back rub and physiotherapy, the report said.

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