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Return of ‘Momo Challenge’ triggers panic, but it’s still a hoax

The once popular 'Momo Challenge' has advanced back to the UK causing alarm among guardians. Nonetheless, there have been no proof of the viral web test.

The image for 'Momo Challenge' is really a figure Keisuke Aisawa(between.mirrors/Instagram)

There's a web test called 'Momo Challenge' which winds up with the player ending it all. UK specialists have cleared up that the supposed 'momo challenge' is a deception with no proof of its reality.

The claimed Momo Challenge is certifiably not another one and turned into a web sensation at some point a year ago on WhatsApp. It was standing out as truly newsworthy for a long while yet vanished soon after. The web test includes a character called 'Momo' with her substantial eyes flying out. The test evidently includes a progression of undertakings to be finished in the long run prompting a suicide. This test is like the 'Blue Whale' challenge which allegedly prompted a few children submitting suicides.

Turns out, the essence of 'Momo' is really taken from "Mother Bird", a figure made by Keisuke Aisawa, CNET revealed.

The Momo Challenge abruptly surfaced online in the UK with its accounts shared by over a thousand times on Facebook, The Guardian detailed. A few people likewise asserted the test showed up in Peppa Pig, a mainstream child's program. YouTube anyway said there's no proof of such recordings showing up on the stage. 


Philanthropies in the UK like the Samartitans and NSPCC likewise invalidated cases of this current test's presence saying that there's no proof and it is being utilized to prompt dread among children. The UK's Safer Internet Center additionally affirmed that the web test is phony.

The across the board news of this test brought admonitions from schools and the police about the dangers of self-hurt. While there is no proof of this Momo Challenge, the "phony news" has spread causing apprehension and strain among children and grown-ups alike.


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