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Pakistan sends protest letter to Iran, demands action against killing of its 14 security personnel

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan sent a challenge letter to Iran on Saturday requesting activity against Tehran-based "psychological oppressors" engaged with an ongoing focused on killing of its 14 security work force, for the most part from the Pakistan Navy.

Unidentified shooters wearing outfits of paramilitary fighters Thursday slaughtered 14 travelers in the wake of compelling them to land from transports on an expressway in the unsettled Balochistan region.

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The unfortunate casualties were not at first recognized and it was hypothesized they could be Shia Muslims and ethnic laborers from Punjab.

Be that as it may, later it rose that they were security staff, the greater part of them related with the Pakistan Navy.

As indicated by the letter sent by the Foreign Office (FO) to Iran, something like 14 faculty having a place with the Armed Forces of Pakistan were offloaded from transports on April 18 in Oramra territory of Balochistan and murdered.

The Foreign Office said the "psychological oppressors" having a place with Baloch patriot bunches were working from an outskirt locale in Iran and has requested that Tehran make a move against them.

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"BRAS, which is a partnership of three Baloch fear monger associations, has guaranteed duty regarding this psychological militant act," it said.

"Executing of 14 guiltless Pakistanis by fear based oppressor bunches situated in Iran is an intense occurrence that Pakistan challenges emphatically. Pakistan anticipates Iran's reaction to its solicitation for activity against the gatherings situated in Iran, whose areas have been distinguished by Pakistan various occasions," the letter said.

It attested that "after the occurrence, the psychological militants who touched base from fringe district came back to that territory".

Baloch patriots are dynamic in the Balochistan area and regularly focus on the security powers and individuals from different territories, particularly Punjab.

The ongoing killing had happened quite recently in front of the first-since forever visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to Iran beginning on Sunday.

Iranian outside clergyman Javad Zarif censured the assault, saying foes of Pakistan-Iran ties were in charge of it.

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"Emphatically denouncing the ongoing psychological oppressor assault in Pakistan, similarly as PM Imran Khan sets out on his first, notable visit to Iran. Fear mongers, fanatics and their backers are scared by close relations between Muslim states," he tweeted.

Balochistan, which fringes Afghanistan and Iran, is Pakistan's biggest and least fortunate area, overflowing with ethnic, partisan and dissenter rebellions.

Before, minority Shia Muslims and ethnic specialists from the Punjab area have been focused in such assaults.

An ISIS suicide assault focusing on Hazara Shias in the commonplace capital of Quetta a week ago murdered 21 individuals and harmed 60 others.

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Outfitted shooters grabbed around two dozen travelers from two Karachi-bound mentors from Balochistan's Mastung zone in 2015, slaughtering no less than 19 of them in the bumpy territory of Khad Kocha.

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