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PUBG Update #30 Brings Deagle Handgun, BRDM-2 Vehicle, Radio Message, and More

  • •Ledge Grab feature will help players pass obstacles
  • •Gas canisters can now be used as explosives by shooting them
  • •The kill distance will now appear in kill messages

PUBG Update #30 Brings Deagle Handgun, BRDM-2 Vehicle, Radio Message, and More

PUBG's most recent update for PC is presently live, and it carries a huge amount of new components to the fight royale marvel. Named update #30, it brings an overwhelming new handgun, a land and/or water capable vehicle as BRDM-2 with more harm opposition, and detonating fuel jars.

Another edge get highlight has likewise landed with the most recent PUBG update and it enables players to move up the edge of rooftops, wall, and so on. Another eminent expansion is the content based Radio Message include, which enables players to impart without depending on voice talk.

The support for PUBG update #30 is finished and the servers are at present fully operational, with every one of the progressions brought by the update currently being live.

Discussing the key increments, the most recent PUBG update presents BRDM-2, a land and/or water capable vehicle that can be called utilizing the flare weapon on all maps and replaces the UAZ. The impenetrable BDRM-2 has double the strength of the UAZ, can oblige four players, and can decrease weapon and red zone harm.

PUBG Update #30 Brings Deagle Handgun, BRDM-2 Vehicle, Radio Message, and More

The second real expansion is the Deagle, a handgun with the most elevated harm of any gun in the game, close by higher gag speed. The Deagle can break a dimension 3 protective cap in two headshots and utilizations .45 ACP ammunition while managing 62 harm for each shot. It will be brought forth on all maps and is fit for fitting red-spot and holographic sights.

Furthermore, the gas jars would now be able to be utilized as a weapon by annihilating it when adversaries are adjacent. Shooting at gas can will cause it to detonate, managing harm to all players in the blast span. Likewise, just one gas can be made to detonate at once and each will currently show up as a different thing in the stock.

Regarding ongoing interaction components, PUBG update #30 brings another specialist called edge snatch, which enables players to scale fences or dividers of up to 2.5-meter tallness.

Another specialized technique called Radio Messages has additionally arrived, which enables players to converse with partners by means of instant messages and will demonstrate to be useful on the off chance that sound visit isn't accessible.

In addition, murder separation will presently be a piece of focus screen slaughter message and another survival supply framework has additionally advanced toward the game. The total rundown of changes brought by PUBG update #30 can be found in the fix notes here.

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