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Which Is the Cheapest Phone That Can Run PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a stripped down version of PUBG Mobile that can run on affordable smartphones. Reviewers Aditya Shenoy and Roydon Cerejo join host Pranay Parab to discuss whether this game runs on affordable smartphones and how it performs. 
We tested PUBG Mobile Lite on multiple smartphones such as Realme C2, Redmi Go, Redmi 7A, and Nokia 2.2. Redmi Go price in India starts at Rs. 4,499, Realme C2 price in India starts at Rs. 5,999, Redmi 7A price in India also starts at Rs. 5,999, whereas Nokia 2.2 price in India starts at Rs. 7,699. All of these budget smartphones have CPUs that are not very powerful. 
PUBG Mobile Lite runs on each one of these smartphones but how well does it run? We discuss that at length on this episode.
We also discuss the differences between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile. The two games are related but there are several key differences that make the experience very different on PUBG Mobile Lite. There are fewer players, maps, lower resolutions, and other differences, but there are some things that make gameplay better on PUBG Mobile Lite. We talk about that at length too. 
Then we talk about how well PUBG Mobile Lite runs on the cheapest smartphone we tested it with -- Redmi Go. Here we spend a long time talking about our tests and how the phone performed on those. We discuss PUBG Mobile Lite performance, graphics settings, battery life, and share our tips and tricks for this game as well.

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