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Halloween Frankenstein Skin Garena Free Fire|Now Available Frankenstein Skin Get Hurry in Free Fire

Step to Step Get Green Frankenstein Skin in Free Fire 
Halloween Frankenstein Free Fire on Gobtech

How to get the Green Zombie Free Fire skin is quite easy, gamers who just need to play hard will have a chance to get the Frankenstein skin for free.
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Halloween is the time for many games to organize events, Free Fire is one of them. The game has organized many events to attract players with valuable prizes. In it is the Frankenstein skin, also known as Green Zombie, that gamers can receive for free.

Skin Frankenstein gamers can get for free just by doing simple tasks. If you do not know how to receive the Green Fire Free Skin skin, you can join this event according to the instructions below. The event is held from October 23 to October 30.
Halloween Frankenstein Free Fire on Gobtech

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How to get the Green Undead Free Fire skin on Halloween

First of all, to receive the Free Fire Green Skin skin, go to the Events section, select the Log in section to receive medicine and get 2 poison and detox.

Then complete the game task, the number of matches you complete in Free Fire will correspond to the number of vials of poison received.

The vial of poison will correspond to the normal dice, you can shake to receive moves from 1 to 6. And with the antidote bottle you can choose as many steps as you want.

Once you've received the potion, go to the Notifications section> select Billionaire Event and click Go .
Halloween Frankenstein Free Fire on Gobtech

Next click on to join the event.

The dice will appear in two corners, and your character will stand at the starting point as shown in the picture. Choose the type of dice you want to dump, the dice usually get how many points, your character will get as many steps.

As for special dice, you can choose any points you like, which will be very beneficial if you are standing in front of a landmark.

To get the Green Zombie skin, you need to stand on 4 points that are Witches, Haunted Houses, Skull Islands and Graveyards. There are also a few small notes below that you need to know.
Halloween Frankenstein Free Fire on Gobtech

You can only enter the Graveyard if you stop at an intersection.

If you stop at Ghost Candy Box, you will get a lucky item.
If you stop at gold, you will receive a random amount of gold.
If you stop at Ghost, you will return to the starting point (smear).
If stopped at the arrow, you will go 3 steps towards the arrow direction.

There are many other rewards you can own when participating in the Halloween Free Fire event. There are many rewards that you can multiply after participating in this Halloween Free Fire event.

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