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PUBG Update 5.1 Brings Refreshed Miramar Map, Vending Machines, and More

Rather than making us sit tight for the following Season update, PUBG has begun revealing the much-anticipated update form 5.1 with the Season 5 Survivor Pass. 

It has included a ton of new highlights in with the general mish-mash including an invigorated Miramar map and a static degree on the guide themed Win94 repeater rifle. You will currently likewise discover Fortnite-like candy machines around the guide, yet the best part is you would now be able to toss a skillet to execute the adversary. 

PUBG Update 5.1 will go live on the test server for supports tomorrow, with the open discharge set for October 29. Along these lines, how about we investigate the new highlights: 

Refreshed Miramar Map 

Beginning, PUBG Corporation is redoing its maps each in turn. While Erangel got an enormous rehaul, the desert map Miramar has today sacked an update to offer you additionally engaging and activity stuffed interactivity. The greatest change should be the A LA Muerte Vamos race track that gives you a chance to perform stunts on the inclines, circles, bounces, and billboards. 

PUBG has additionally made changes in accordance with the territory and expelled little items and rubbish in and around structures to make the conditions mess free. This will make it easier to drive in and around some significant areas. 

Throwing Action 

PUBG has included another element that gives you "a chance to throw things to partners and scuffle weapons at foes" – presented with Miramar however ought to be open over each of the 4 maps. Indeed, it's an energizing element where you can toss shots or mending things to their colleagues a ways off up to 15 meters. 

Likewise, skirmish weapons (cleaver, crowbar, sickle or skillet) will presently stack in your stock, and you can toss them at adversaries — with a direction circular segment demonstrated when tossing them. You will perpetrate the most harm inside 15 meters and it brings down around 40 meters. 

Vending machine 

While Fornite is cloning highlights from each other fight royale game, PUBG is taking a little element out from their kitty. You will discover candy machines put in Miramar and Camp Jackal, offering you access to promoters like caffeinated drinks, painkillers in the event that you have been in a battle as of late and can't locate any more plunder. 

There's various UI changes over the whole game including the store, in-game UI, and even the customization area. The Win94 rifle is getting a much-mentioned update with the expansion of an irremovable 2.7x degree, which gives it control like the VSS. This is a Miramar restrictive weapon. 

Survivor Pass: Badlands 

PUBG Update 5.1 additionally gets tow another Survivor Pass, called Survivor Pass: Badlands, and it currently offers you more rewards, outfits, and weapon skins themed around the unforgiving desert, and improved test/crucial. This is never again an independent exertion however as PUBG has included a network crucial ought to uncover the mystery story behind Mirmar's fuse as a battleground. 

This update turned out to PC clients recently and should reach PS4 and Xbox One clients one week from now on October 29, allowing them to hop into the revived desert map.

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