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Tips: Do not make these mistakes while sleeping, you are unable to sleep well

Medically reviewed by Dr. Vishesh Akole
Degree :- MBBA
Experience :- 28 Years

Nowadays many people are struggling with insomnia problem. People say that they get sleepy but sleep breaks in the night or they do not sleep well the next day they feel tired. To this extent our disorganized routines are responsible, this kind of problem is not found much in people whose routines are organized. In this case, know from the next slides that the problems of insomnia are caused by making mistakes while sleeping.

Sleeping near mobile phone

Sleeping with the phone near your head is not a good thing at all. By doing this, one's mind is on the phone. Even in sleep, he repeatedly thinks that the phone is kept close to the head and sleep is broken and the person does not even try to sleep because the phone is kept nearby. In such a situation, he is unable to sleep at the right time and a fixed time of sleep is postponed, after which he does not get good sleep.

Sleep After eating suddenly

If you eat late and go to sleep then it is certain that you will not sleep well. First of all, you have to try to sleep and even if you fall asleep early, there is a lot of possibility of sleep disturbance at night because the body needs water, due to which your sleep can be opened and then you can go to sleep.

Sleep right Side

Insomnia can be a problem even when sleeping on the right side, because food is not properly digested, acidity, heaviness in the stomach, burning sensation etc. are felt on such bedtime. In such a situation, acid often starts coming upwards in the body due to which the sleep is opened anytime in the night, and there is a problem of nervousness etc. Therefore, sleeping on the straight or left side while sleeping is considered right.

To worry 

While sleeping it is very important that you empty your mind to sleep or listen to something good or read it because if you put your mind to worry about anything while sleeping and you fall asleep then the same thoughts in your mind Let's go, due to which many times, nightmares occur and your sleep is opened after getting nervous and then you don't sleep, so don't worry at night.

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